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Vicious Fun (2020)

As a slasher fan and a horror comedy fan I find that there aren't many films that can combine these two sub-genres and do it well enough to consider it not parody. That is until now, as this film ticks all the boxes. Soaked in glorious neon lights with a pulse pounding electro synth score, it feels very at home in the 80's. This is an era that's so popularised in today's media, with TV shows such as Stranger Things and other countless films and TV shows set in this era. Despite the content overload, I'm still not finding this overplayed yet and it's something I'm definitely here for. Our lead protagonist Joel played by Evan Marsh hilarious, his comedic timing is flawless. Him alongside co-star Amber Goldfarb have great on screen chemistry making this feel such a joy to watch. The way they bounce of one another makes it impossible not to get behind their journey. David Koechner makes a brief but impactful appearance in this - I think he such a well suited horror comedy actor and I would love to see him show up in more films like this in the future. Using the profiles of most generic slasher killers we have seen from across the decades of horror cinema, bringing them all together in one film was a creative idea. This as a concept that is entertaining, not only providing plenty of great kills and gore but the meta element that comes with it is phenomenal. I would have to say the most memorable of the group is Bob played by Ari Millen, he is clearly enjoying every moment of playing his character and steals every scene he is in. What Cody Calahan has brought here is a passion project that is made for the fans of slashers and has the potential to become a cult classic for many years to come. The homages and nods to horror films that have come before only reinforces its place as a top tier horror comedy for me. Leaving plenty of unfinished plot points, this would be extremely disappointing if we did not get more from these characters and the well established world this film has built. This has now become one of my most desired films to receive a sequel. I urge everyone to go to Shudder immediately and show this film the love and support it so greatly deserves so that it opens the door for a sequel to be made.



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