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Uncle Peckerhead (2020)

The demon tale no one asked for but everyone needs to see. Taking a Night of the Demons style premise and combining it with a subtle sprinkle of Gremlins for a masterclass in b-movie carnage and entertainment. This film is strongly held up by its casting, mainly the titular character Peckerhead played by David Littleton, his sweet southern charm is made for some perfectly timed comedic moments. Not only him but the other three leads do a much better job than they have any right to for a film with such an odd premise. I think everyone involved here are actors to watch out for in future projects. This did take a while to get going for me to fully invest in the story. However, 20 minutes in I was more than on board with the direction it was taking. Although this is clearly a low budget production, it fully embraces that fact and goes all in with its b-movie mentality. Especially with the make-up and practical effects, more often than not being ridiculously over the top and blood-soaked. The soundtrack for this film is another standout element, especially the stuff with the main characters band 'Duh', genuinely good music and a band I would listen to regularly if available. I can see this appealing more towards people who are in bands or associates with people in the music industry. There's one particular character in this film, 'Shiloh', played by Ryan Conrath. He is such an egotistical dick, a character I'm sure many people have likey encountered in the industry. This was one of those films where I'm glad I persisted past that first initial 20 mins, the time where you decide whether or not the rest of the film is worth continuing. The cast were engaging, the practical work was mesmerizing and the score and soundtrack is perfect. This is a film I can certainly see becoming a cult classic for fans for many years to come.



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