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The Mist (2007)

There is endless adaptations of Steven King's work out there, for me, this has to be my favorite of the bunch. It certainly isn't a masterpiece but being helmed perfectly by the creative genius that is Mr Frank Darabont, it doesn't make it fall too short of the mark. This film seamlessly pairs both beautiful camera work and direction, along with a controversially adapted script (one that isn't as faithful to King's original work, as some may have liked). I haven't read any of King's books so I can't comment here on which is better, or the difference between the two. Although I may not have read any of the books, I have certainly seen most of (if not all of) his film adaptations. This definitely makes it hard not to notice all of the easter eggs for his previous works and characters during the opening credits set in the painting room. I remember during my first watch (years ago) thinking how fake and obvious the CGI was. It still is. However, upon my latest rewatch I couldn't help but appreciate the nostalgia inducing charm it has. Pairing it with some pretty impressive practical blood and gore effects, some genuinely creative kills and creature design and this film really does make for a great viewing experience. The scene in the pharmacy was particularly amazing. The way the creatures started to burst through the skin of the people inside truly made my skin crawl. How faithful these designs are to the original source is unknown to me, I can only assume this came from the particularly disturbed mind of King himself. This films strongest quality is without doubt the characters and their development as the run time progresses. Seeing each and every one of them and their personalities change and grow to adapt to the heightened situation they found themselves in was mesmerizing. Although, some for better and some certainly for the worst. One thing I did notice more so upon my latest rewatch is how many familiar 'The Walking Dead' faces there are here. In hindsight, it is not so surprising now considering that Darabont later went on to write and executive produce the first season of 'The Walking Dead', bringing with him previous cast members from earlier works. The ending of this film is where things become controversial with fans. I've seen this film countless times and it never gets any easier to watch. I personally think it is one of the most well done closing acts I've come across. The sheer shock factor it provides upon first watch is enough to elevate this film to a much higher recognition then it probably deserves. Up until this point, The Mist is a good film, then that ending hits and this instantly becomes a great film. I won't spoil anything here but I can only assume by now most of you will know the ending or will have heard about it. This is certainly a film to watch knowing as little as possible. This is my go to rainy day film, one that requires little attention and little commitment to the plot. I talk about this film constantly and will continually keep watching for many years to come. I can't recommend this film enough.



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