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Stung (2015)

'Stung' is a 2015 horror comedy which as the title would suggest features gigantic mutated wasps. And whilst the concept is an intriguing one, I rarely find that insect based horror movies manage to execute themselves convincingly enough, usually centred around poorly utilised CGI or lackluster story telling. The question then remains, does 'Stung' stand leagues above the rest or is this just as forgettable as the rest?

The casting mainly focuses on the two leads Paul and Julia, played by Matt O'Leary and Jessica Cook. Both of whom are not only extremely likeable characters but deliver excellent performances in their respected roles. Paul's lust for Julia and the willingness from us as an audience for them to end up together is a very compelling subplot to 'Stung'. We also have the added inclusion of Lance Henriksen as Caruthers, and although it's clear he is only in this to cash a paycheck, it's always fun to see him on screen.

Given that this is considered to to a 'Horror Comedy', I never once noticed any humour scattered throughout. As wild as the overall concept of the film itself is, there certainly aren't any moments of laugh out loud comedy, nor so much as a mere giggle. Not that I necessarily think this movie particularly needed it, it's more just a confusing standpoint as to why this is categorised in that way.

The practical effects are without question the strongest element of this film, featuring some incredibly impressive kill sequences that mainly consists of giant wasps bursting from inside of the unsuspecting guests at the garden party they attend. There is a few moments of obvious sketchy CGI (especially towards the closing act) but given how strong the practical side of the effects work is throughout, this was easily over looked for me.

Whilst not a perfect movie, it's amazing use of practical effects and puppetry makes this a great call back to the B-movie drive-in creature features of the 70's and 80's. Its excellent kill sequences and overall short run time makes this an enjoyable use of your time. Don't go in expecting greatness and you will likely walk away somewhat satisfied by your experience with 'Stung'.



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