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Sorority House Massacre II (1990)

A film directed by Jim Wynorski, who's most notable works include the 1986 sci-fi slasher 'Chopping Mall' and many not so notable erotic horror rip-offs, such as, house on 'Hooter Hill, 'The Bare Wench Project' and 'The Hills Have Thighs'. With a filmography like that, it kind of makes more sense as to why he would be interested in a project centered around young teenage girls at a sorority house. This is lacking in taste from start to finish. For a start, theres some very questionable camera angles when these girls are on screen and an apparent constant need to have them wearing very little clothing or no clothing at all. It also goes as far as, in one scene, having them run outside in the rain just so they spend the remainder of the films run time in transparent clothing. I watched part one of 'Sorority House Massacre' in preparation for doing this sequel on a podcast episode I appeared on recently. It's fair to say that I could have very easily just skipped over to part two immediately. There is a flash back scene explaining the killers origins, or so we are lead to believe, however this bares no resemblance to the story of the first film and is actually stock footage from a completely different franchise all together, 'Slumber Party Massacre'. To be quite honest though, the small flash back scenes we do see are so much better than the entire first film, making it easy to understand why they decided to avoid any affiliation with that film altogether. This film goes to extreme length to imply that the creepy neighbour from next door, Orville Ketchum (played by Petter Spellos) is the killer, it pushes this theory so heavily making it clear that this is not the case. His arc is actually the more interesting of this whole production. He repeatedly dies and I found his 'first' death to be well done and uses some great practical effects. It's a shame we didn't see the other cast member go out like that, as it would have made for a much more entertaining film. Everyone is killed off screen and done with very minimal suspense or tension. Not only does this film try and imply that Orville is the killer, it also chooses to use a decoy technique, by having the killer dressed in all black and wearing leather gloves whenever we see a small glimpse of them on screen. As we know, by the time this film reaches its climax, this couldn't possibly be the slasher style villain we have been lead to believe it could be - only amplifying the extremely lazy writing on display. It is littered in slasher troupes, just done very badly and very distastefully. From the terrible CGI lightning effects that had me question this films release date, to the over use of the creepy man at the window during said lightning strikes. Surely, once he is in the house he wouldn't just go hang out in the garden after every kill just for effect? We also have plenty of off screen kills, followed by the typical ketchup quality blood spray up the wall that is clearly done by a stagehand. I half expected to see his shadow on the wall as he was squirting it from a bottle behind the camera. You would think in house with no heating, hot water and a big broken window in which a tree fell through during the thunder storm these girls would be wearing a lot more layers of clothing in this house. It is clear that they are only here to serve the purpose of being naked and getting killed. None of them give noteworthy performances and every single one of them is instantly forgettable. I will say though, as distasteful as this film is, at one point it did make me laugh. During the very loosely connected sub-plot involving two detectives, we are taken to a strip club and shown a scene in which a woman is seen rubbing her cleavage on a strip pole to the sound of someone polishing a smudge off a window. This was without questing the biggest highlight in this film, causing genuine laughter. I have to give this film a bit of credit for knowing exactly what it is and not straying from that path. It's a low budget slasher with the intention of showing boobs and murder and it delivers on that on more than enough occasions. It's extremely lazy with its writing and makes little to no sense as the plot unfolds, but it at least tries to have fun along the way, be that intentional or not, it is more than can be said for the first installment in this franchise. Personally I don't think I am the target audience for a production like this, and it's not something I can possibly recommend to anyone. However, if you didn't like the first film, maybe give this one a try as it bares no resemblance whatsoever.



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