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See No Evil 2 (2014)

'See No Evil 2' is a direct sequel to the 2006 original directed by Gregory Dark. For better or worst, none of the original writers or directors return for this installment as the infamous Soska Sister, also known as Jen and Sylvia, take up the directing chair, with Nathan Brookes and Bobby Lee Darby at the helm for the screenplay. After being told that this sequel is far superior to the first movie and given the enjoyment I found in the potential that the first movie showed, its far to say I had quite high expectations for what 'See No Evil 2' had to offer up.

Continuing on straight after the events of the first movie. We now follow a new group of unsuspecting victims celebrating with a birthday party at the morgue, which just so happens to be holding the body of Jacob Goodnight. And as we all know with this types of blood fuelled slashers, his body doesn't stay on ice for long. I personally found this to be a great set up for a continuation of this story and in terms of plot progression for a sequel, its overall execution plays out rather well. Or, at least as well as can be expected for this level of mindless slasher horror.

The cast is a rather mixed bag of talentless slasher movie stereotypes and a few recognisable horror regulars that manage to stear the ship for everyone else. The regulars being that of Danielle Harris and Katharine Isabelle, both of whom have a vast experience in the world of slasher movies and horror in general. They both give effortless performances here and look very comfortable in their respected typecast roles. As for the remaining cast, from the moment they were introduced I struggled to invest any time in their lackluster performances and generic character development. It's made clear fairly early on that these cast members are here as canon fodder and to make up the numbers.

Glenn Thomas Jacobs (WWE's Kane) once again takes up the mantel as hulking serial murder Jacob Goodnight. And just like his previous efforts, he is fantastic in this role. One of my biggest issues I took with his character the first time around was the lack of creativity when it came to his overall look, there was nothing to distinguish him and set him out from the vast crowd of creativity slasher antagonists. Thankfully, this time around he gears up in what is now, in my book an iconic slasher mask and leather butchers apron. It's a shame this movie didn't have any of the redeeming qualities that were needed to propel this character to the highest needed in order to warranty any further sequels.

The kill sequences feel rather underwhelming in comparison to the first. And that's not to say they were particularly bad, but due to such creativity and over the top violence that 'See No Evil' provided us, it was disappointing to see that 'See No Evil 2' not only couldn't top the original, but it couldn't even live up to it. The majority of the kills are either cut always or wasteful efforts on characters that in my opinion deserved better. Leaning heavily on lazy CGI effects during the times when we do see anything unfold on screen, makes every kill scene either laughable or instantly forgettable.

As with so many low budget and independent sequels, this is another disappointing follow up to a somewhat entertaining first entry. And although it marginally betters itself in some areas, there are too many lackluster sides of the production to consider this worthy of your time. I found it to be overall rather boring and I expected so much more from a follow up to a film that had some of the most creative and blood filled death sequences that the first movie provided. I think there is certainly an audience for these movie, but for me, this sequel has ultimately tainted my enjoyment of the first and I will unlikely revisit these movies again in the future.



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