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Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Opening with one of the funniest 10 minutes to any zombie film I have seen, this American zombie comedy is my go to funny bone tickler. Although never quite reaching the heights of Shaun of the Dead, it certainly puts itself firmly in the top 10 horror comedies for me and one that I can watch in any situation and enjoy. Starring the always legendary David Koechneras as scout leader rogers, this films follows his 3 young scouts navigating through a zombie apocalypse. This run-of-the-mill zombie comedy story is nothing particularly out of the ordinary, it doesn't try to be clever with its story and it doesn't do anything different to what we have seen before. For me that is not a negative and I love these types of films. I know exactly what I'm getting myself in for, I know exactly how the story is going to play out and I am more than happy to be along for the ride. If I was to give praise to a particular performance in this film, it would without a doubt go to Logan Miller as Carter. His quick wit and one liners are nothing but hilarious all the way through. Miller is an actor I have now seen in multiple films now and he is always standout in all of them, most notably being the recent and underrated Escape Room. Certainly one of the most surprising elements of this film was how well done the practical and makeup effects are. The zombies look better than some of the more serious zombie films in recent years, taking on a mixture of both fast and slow zombies and some more intelligent than others depending on the punch line or the level of tension required for the scene. This is a film designed not to be taken seriously but to provide a laugh by the minute and entertainment from start to finish, something it strongly succeeds in. The closest thing I can compare it too is Dance of the Dead, another amazing zombie horror comedy. If you haven't seen either then check them out immediately.



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