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Piggy (2022)

‘Piggy' started off life as a 2019 short film, directed by Carlota Pereda, that went on to receive wide critical acclaim and eventually receiving enough momentum that 2 years later it would go on to greenlight a full feature picture. Since its announcement, I have kept a close eye on its production and was very curious to see how the short would go on to be expanded.

Not only does writter and director Pereda build upon the pre-established story we are first introduced to but she elevates it to levels I never envisioned. I was genuinely suprised by how well developed this story becomes, based on the short we we're introduced to back in 2019. And whilst I'm a big fan of the fancical element that comes with the horror genre, it was refreshing to watch a film that felt so grounded in reality. Taking important themes, such as the cruel effects of bullying and dealing with how that might contribute to someone's perception of right and wrong in drastic life or death situations.

The casting is pretty exceptional for a production on this scale, everyone involved bringing their A game. Especially impressive casting was that of Laura Galán who plays the lead role of Sara. The growth of her character as the story begins to develop is truly mesmerising to watch and this is all down to the performance she gives. It is clear she embodied this character and brought every ounce of emotion she had within her onto the screen.

Unfortunately, the version I watched was dubbed and comprised the authenticity of the actors performances. The English speaking voice actors taking on these roles were rather excruciating to listen to at times. Not only do the voices not fall in line with the ages of the characters they are representing, but they are all extremely unconvincing. I would recommend seeking out the original Spanish version with English subtitles for the best experience of these actors character portrayals.

The direction and cinematography is of a high standard for the small budget they had to work with. Director Carlota Pereda has a great eye for capturing the best performances from her cast and displaying them to the audience. Not only this, but it all looks very aesthetically pleasing, framing shots from an angle that keeps everything as authentic and as the natural feeling storytelling progression. She is a director I will certainly be looking out for in regards to future projects.

Being captivated by the idea and concept that was established in the 2019 short film, I'm very happy to see that this full feature film has been handled in a way that felt contained to one singular story arc - bringing everything full circle in the final act, and not losing sight of the message that it originally set out to deliver. For me, ‘Piggy' was worth the 4-year long wait and is a perfect example of the way great storytelling can be handled within the horror genre.



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