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Peelers (2016)

If you are aware of this film, maybe started it but never finished it, I can completely understand why. 'Peelers' is quite slow to get started, wasting at least the first 30-40 minutes on bland character introduction and extremely pointless story exposition. I can imagine a lot of people starting this film and turning it off pretty early on. Unfortunately for me I am a completionist, and once I start a film I have to see it through to the very end - no matter how painful of an experience that may be. One thing I have to give this film credit for is its unusual approach to the standard troupe of the zombies/infected. Having them be more crazed killer rather than the mindless brain eaters we are more commonly used to adds an almost unique slasher element to the story. That's not to say we haven't seen this premise before (and done much better), it was just nice to see something as lowbrow as this at least try and take a different approach to the norm. The kills and practical effects are great, and considering how much the first part of the film drags it's an important feature to get right in order to bring the audience back on board. There is the odd noticeable CGI blood splatter effect that is overlaid on top of the practical work that looks dreadful and is rather annoying when it catches your eye. But overall, I was very impressed but the make up and practical effects department. It was much stronger than I anticipated it would be. The acting is as to be expected from a direct to streaming zombie film set in a strip club. There are a few characters that stand out above the rest, that being Wren Walker as lead protagonist Blue Jean and Momona Komagata as stripper Frankie. But as a whole, this is a less then average ensemble. That's not to say this level of acting causes 'Peelers' to be a difficult or uncomfortable watch, it was just noticeably unnatural. Films like this are the reason I have to see things through to the end. It takes a while to get going and the acting isn't great, however once things do get moving its rather entertaining for what it is and showcases some interesting ideas. In case you needed an inclination as to how lowbrow this film is, there is a stripper her called 'Thunder Cunt' that as you can probably guess given the name, 'queefs' into a microphone whilst on stage... (if you don't know what this is, be careful what you Google). Based on that information alone, I'll let you decide whether this one is for you or not.



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