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Megan is Missing (2011)

Even though considered found footage, 'Megan is Missing' is a prime example of a film that loosely utilises that term. Whilst the majority of films within this subgenre generally have justification or a reasonable explanation as to why the cameras are rolling, this film seem to concentrate more on what feels convenient to show the viewers in order keep momentum going. Although we do get a brief onscreen exposition early on explaining how all this footage was gathered, it just doesn't feel consistent or convincing in the way it is playing out. The main key focus characters are Megan played by Rachel Quinn and Amy played by Amber Perkins, both of whom feel very authentic and genuine with their portrayals of these teenage girls. One of the more interesting aspects is how contrasting both of these girls personalities and home lives are, a lot of people will likely have experienced a friendship similar this at one time or another and is something highlighted really well here. If I had to criticise anything, it would be that the majority of the side character don't feel as authentic as Megan and Amy. This is something most notable when it comes to the news reporters, thankfully their screen time is rather limited, yet is still another key factor in the believability of the found footage aspect. One thing I found most terrifying about this film is how much it highlights the dangers of the Internet and social media amongst younger people, especially young girls and how easily they can be prayed upon by predators. As a father of a young daughter myself, I felt a constant sense of discomfort and unease throughout, more so based on the interactions of these characters and what I assumed was going to be the inevitable outcome. Whist the overall production content feels unconvincing, the issues this film highlights are unfortunately all too real. The final act is incredibly uncomfortable to watch and features some of the most heinous footage I've witnessed. As someone who is strongly against sexual violence and rape in any form or context, I found the scenes featured here to be extremely disturbing. The suffering and ordeal Amy has to endure is beyond incomprehensible. You start to witness the moment Stockholm Syndrome begins to set in for her and Amber Perkins who plays said character gives an outstanding performance displaying these confusing and tormented emotions. Whilst doing a great job of highlighting some serious issues surrounding the restrictions that need to be put in place for young teenagers on the Internet, I can't help but feel that some of the content that is featured in this film is done for shock value, something it is very successful at i might add. This is a film that will likely cause a lot of upset and distress to a vast number of people and if you like your horror on the more lighthearted and less believable side of things, than 'Megan is Missing' is likely not going to be something you are going to enjoy as a viewer.



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