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Life (2017)

I am personally a big fan of Science Fiction Horror, it's a combination of genres that I think blends perfectly and when done correctly can be incredibly entertaining. Life is unfortunately not one of those films that stands out above anything we have seen come before it, but was entertaining nonetheless. I think my biggest problem with this film is the fact that it suffers from a lack of originality resulting in a very predictable plot. Nothing here came as a surprise to me and I could see exactly how this was going to play out. The ending is the biggest culprit for this, maybe its just me but the dramatic impact it was going for with its grand reveal I called as soon as I saw them entertaining individual pods. That cast are all very convincing in their roles with Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada and Jake Gyllenhaal being the stand out of the collective. I'm a big fan of anything Gyllenhaal does, he is one actor that I find has such a vast range and only get better with age. I wish the same could be said for Ryan Reynolds, he is someone I have seen do some impressive things - his performance in the The Amityville Horror was the best past about that film. For some reason though he always has to try and play the funny man and I find his humor one note and I'm a bit board by it now. Here is no different he shows great potential but then ruins it with a standard Van Wilder behaviour that kills any impact from his performance. The creature in this is probably the most unique and creative thing that this film brings to the table. Taking the time to present its behavioural traits to the audience and taking more of a deep dive into the science behind it was something I really appreciated. Considering it is all completely CGI effects I thought it looked very impressive, the way it moved around the space station almost floating like a jelly fish was very pleasing to watch. As with most films that are film in space and use a zero gravity, it's very reliant on VFX. Thankfully for this film I would say that they are the star of the show, this does look incredible. Considering that majority of the set and of course location is all done via green screen it's important to make this look the best it can. I have watched a video on YouTube on how majority of this effects are done and I must say some of it is rather comical to see before and after they are introduced. My final thoughts on this are that it is a visual impressive piece of cinema with a solid cast that is unfortunately let down by its predictable script. There are a few scene that really make this film show how great its potential was and I think given a more creative writing department this could have been something really special. I'm very conflicted on my recommendation as I do think it's a good film, I just wish it had offered more.



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