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Leprechaun (1993)

A franchise that I couldn't care any less about if I tried. I find the concept of these films to be extremely juvenile and doesn't entice me in any way. I say this as someone who's only knowledge of these films consists of the images I have seen of Warwick David as the titular Leprechaun either in 'The Hood' or in 'Space'. I've heard this is the best in the series and that this film series suffers much more heavily with ridiculous installments than most. Warwick Davies is an incredibly talented man who has carried out some amazing work across his career as an actor, the majority of them under the cover of heavy prosthetics and costume similar to his performance here. I must say that for all the failings of this film Davis certainly gives everything he had to this performance, his everything just soon becomes quite repetitive and tiresome. The decision to make his character so comedic and quick-witted seems bizarre to me, having a character already so limited in threat doesn't help when he is constantly laughing and making one liners that never really land. This also features the first feature length performance from Jennifer Aniston who basically plays her character Rachel from Friends, before she was Rachel in Friends. I find she is the same in every role she plays, not that she is a bad actress, I just think her range is rather limited. The cast was serviceable given the tone and direction this film was going for, that is with the exception of Ozzy played by Mark Holton, I found his childlike nature overly forced and slightly irritating. I do like the look and character design of the Leprechaun, and as un-intimidating as I do find his character I have to admit that he holds a certain sense of 80's nostalgia with the make-up and prosthetics. It is said make-up and prosthetics that got me through to the end. I especially liked the effects work that went into the demise of the Leprechaun in the closing moments. I think given this had a more serious tone and it lost the lucky charms style gimmicks of the Leprechaun, I believe this has some potential as a concept. The execution here is just too immature for me to find enjoyment from this on a serious level. Considering this is only a 90 minute run time, I found it to have more than out stayed it's welcome by the time the credits rolled. I am glad this is a film I have finally gotten around to ticking off the list. However in all honesty, it's just as disappointing as I had already pre anticipated it being and if this is the best this franchise has to offer than I'm certainly not in any hurry to continue with the sequels. These will likely be annual visit for me just to work my way through them, but tonally this is not what I seek from my horror.



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