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Lake Placid 2 (2007)

This provides nothing enjoyable, other than the constant unintentional moments of humor due to the terrible quality of this films production. This lake placid sequel is nothing more than a namesake cash grab that already reaffirmed my already rising suspicion that this is a dead in the water franchise - no pun intended. Considering how uninspired I was by the first Lake Placid, you can only imagine how low my expectations were going into this installment. It's fair to say that this was worse than I could have ever expected. This is one of the early days Sci-Fi channel films. A time where they managed to build up quite a reputation for consistently producing extremely bad films - and this film is no different, with a plot that feels almost identical to the first, alongside one of the most wafer thin sequel connections I've ever witnessed, to tie the two together. It's no surprise to see that not a single cast member from the original signed on to reprise their roles here. For those actors that did sign on for this, I could pretty much guarantee they wished they hadn't. How this managed to pull In recognisable faces such as John Schneider and Sam McMurray is incredible. Granted, they are not hollywood A-list, but definitely better than this production. Featuring some extremely hard to watch performances and some of the worst line delivery seen on screen, everything about it just screams amateur. I think this film must surely hold the trophy for the worst gigantic CGI crocodile in cinema history, (although I haven't seen Lake Placid 3 or 4 yet). It genuinely looks like the film makers aren't even trying at times. At one point the crocodile attacks someone's leg and they don't even try to marry up the connection between the actors leg and the crocodiles mouth. For all the quality of the effects provides the odd laughter here and there, it's not enough to give this a place in the "so-bad-its-good" category of B-movie that I pride myself of being a fan of. If anything, this is the exact thing that I despise, lazy, overtly obvious CGI effects. Usually I can get behind films like this and champion them to do well, maybe appreciate the vision the writer and director had before it was crippled by budget issues. Unfortunately, there is nothing to appreciate here and it is definitely a front-runner for the worst sequel seen to date, and definitely one that I would strongly recommend you skip. If this review isn't enough to put you off, I can guarantee the trailer alone will.



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