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Bloody Hell (2020)

This is one of the more innovative and creative horror movies I have seen in recent years. I briefly remembered seeing the trailer for this before it's release and immediately being curious. Disappointingly (like many other great horror films that were released during the covid pandemic) this flew under the radar, with little to no marketing campaign behind it. 'Bloody Hell' features some incredible writing and some of the better executed story telling that I've seen recently. It takes a really unique and interesting approach to plot developments that are incorporated throughout, with a perfect start, middle and end, something that I think is a rare find these days. Everything that is shown here has some form of relevance or foreshadowing that eventually comes full circle, with every character introduction serving a purpose ultimately culminating in a jaw dropping twist that I did not see coming. Without a doubt, actor Ben O'Toole steals the show here, putting on an outstanding display of his conflicting personalities. The back and forth he has with himself makes for some hilarious comedic moments and both versions of his duel character is nothing short of perfection. Alongside the brilliant O'Toole, the rest of the cast are also flawless, with every single cast member feeling natural in their respected roles. Also playing duel roles here as twin brothers is Travis Jeffery. His performance is so convincing that if you didn't know any better you would swear these are two different actors. The cinematography is another strong highlight of this film, utilsing stylish and fast-paced editing techniques alongside a beautiful lighting pallet, making for a very pleasant watch. 'Bloody Hell' effectively combines these pleasing visuals with a pacing that is done almost effortlessly, moving forward at such an enjoyable and consistent pace that never once reduces its momentum. It's extremely disappointing that this film didn't receive the recognition that it deserved upon it initially release. Not only is this a great horror film, but it is an excellent comedy and equally intriguing character study that highlights the impacts of social commentary. I've tried to limit how much detail I have gone into with this film as I think this is definitely best enjoyed if you go in knowing nothing. Not only is this a huge surprise to me but is easily one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had with a horror comedy in some time.



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