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Blood Vessel (2019)

Set during World War II, this films only shining quality is showing the political divide between these characters. In the first 10 minutes, we listen to each individuals back story and explore the conflict it causes between them but then everything that comes after that is rather strenuous to sit through. The acting is pretty bad and manages to draw you out of any real moments of impact. The main culprit for this is Jackson played by Christopher Kirby, everything he says feels wildly exaggerated. Along with Alyssa Sutherland (who I've most recently seen in The Mists TV show) has one off the worst English accents I've witnessed. It's ridiculously over the top and basically portrays the way people that aren't from England think English people sound. What's more concerning is that she has recently been cast as the lead in the new upcoming Evil Dead sequel (Evil Dead - Rise). It's fair to say I was quite happy to see majority of these characters start to get taken out, some of them not quickly enough. There is nothing new here with this script, it's the same old vampire mythology lazily rehashed into a bland, uninteresting story, filled with a very predictable plot progression. The vampires themselves look like something from a low budget Sci-Fi show and why there was use of CGI effects layered over the top of practical work is beyond me, it made everything look much worse than it would if just left practical. Adding to that the incredibly dark lighting and this whole thing became a very unpleasant viewing experience. For me this is a definite miss. There are a few moments of hope but they are soon squashed by the clumsy writing and poor performances from the cast. For all the takes I've seen on the vampire genre, for me this has to be the worst one yet.



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