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Alyce Kills (2011)

A rather bland and terribly paced depiction of someone dealing with the guilt of accidentally costing her friend her life. This barely falls under the category of thriller throughout most of its runtime and if it wasn't for the last ten minutes then it certainly wouldn't be considered horror. Making some really poor cinematography choices, the constant shifting from person to person during a dialogue scene is done so erratically that it causes a jarring shift in focus. The loss of focus isn't just contained to these scenes, it does it multiple times during fixed camera scene. This along with constant unsteady camera work are really hard to overlook qualities that make this rather difficult to sit through. The pacing of this is wildly slow, at nearly an hour into the runtime there was nothing noteworthy to discuss. I constantly found myself looking at how long had passed, thinking that something needs to happen soon before I cut my losses and turn this off. The lead Alyce, played by Jane Dornfeld does a great job of displaying a varied range of emotions. Seeing her character progress and change as the as the film goes on is certainly the most entertaining aspect of this film. Starting out as the fragile girl living in her friends shadows to then becoming the sadistic killer who shows no signs of remorse or empathy for her actions. The blood and gore in this is surprisingly impressive, with just 10 minutes remaining we start to finally see something of worth to consider this a horror film. Alyce try to dispose of a dead body in numerous way, one involving a baseball bat to mash up the body making it easier to move and the other includes a food processor. The practical work in this scene and the scenes that follow where done incredibly well, unfortunately for this film it was all just too late to provide any redeeming quality. This isn't a film I can recommend, nor will I likely remember it after a few weeks have past. Aside from the disposing of the body scene in the closing act there isn't anything here to enjoy. You could probably find this scene on YouTube, so save yourself the 1 hour and 30 minutes of time and go there instead.



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